Connect The Dots

Develop your creativity, learn how to solve problems, think laterally, and innovate ideas with this set of 70 projects! The tool that democratises creativity and busts all creativity myths!


Everyone has the capacity to think creatively and to come up with novel ideas. This is what it means to be human. You can write, cook, garden, fly, design, sing, craft, etc. With this set of 70 cards in your hand, you will laugh and learn and have fun while developing your creative capacity. 


ADD CREATIVITY TO YOUR CALENDAR — Become a more novel thinker. Empower youрself to think creatively and develop effective solutions that help you achieve goals and success.

TRAIN YOUR ABILITY TO MAKE CONNECTIONS - Knowledge alone is not useful unless we can make connections between what we know. Making connections fuels creative thinking and new ideas.

PERSONAL GROWTH TOOL - Stretch your comfort zone in order to think bigger and achieve more. The deck inspires you to face your fears by doing new things. 

DEVELOP NEW PERSPECTIVE - Look at every challenge as an option, reveal opportunities or solutions you hadn’t previously noticed. Look with new eyes and shift your perspective.

HAVE FUN - The cards that are jam-packed with activities, challenges, and exercises designed to enhance your creativity.  And not only that - it’s all meant to be fun!                                                                                                                                                                                                             

You can find more resources online and join a Facebook group in order to share your projects with like-minded people.


*Digital Download*

The set contains 70 cards in 7 categories:
- Be Courageous (10 cards with projects + back)
- Be Curious (10 cards with projects + back)
- Design (10 cards with projects + back)
- Get Inspired (10 cards with projects + back) 
- Imagine (10 cards with projects + back)
- Sense (10 cards with projects + back)
- Tell a Story (10 cards with projects + back)


Additionally, there is an instruction file, introduction card, mandala card and a card with sources and inspiration.


Each card comes with an individual illustration, topic introduction, an inspiring quote and a project you have to deliver.  There is personalised illustrated back for each category or 7 backs in total.
There is time recommended for each project execution. Some projects require more thinking and brain work and others makes you think with your hands, prototype and craft.

Great tool for individual exploration, group work, business teams and professional use. 



Instantly accessible as a digital download for you to print at home, take to your local print shop or upload to a printing service such as Officeworks or Staples and have them delivered to your door!


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FILE INFORMATION - You will receive 1 zip file, containing PDF files (high printing quality), printable in size A4. 


PRINTING INFORMATION - The printing format is A4. You will need 22 sheets of A4 paper to be printed two-sides. Each category comes with its own illustrated back which fits the front perfectly. You will receive a printing instruction file in the pack.


KINDLY NOTE - This listing is for a digital download. No physical product will be shipped. Colours may vary slightly due to viewing different monitors. 


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